NEW ROOFS ROOF REPAIRS From one slate to a complete New roof …our team can inspect And advise ..helping you protect Your property - Wind rain frost and Snow - Storm damage extreme uk Weather .. We can protect - from  Small leaks to a complete overhaul means job done ! …. FLAT ROOFS UPVC Replace high maintenance  old wood and protect your  Property  for years with  Quality upvc   No more painting With Uk Weather  Damage over time concrete Render deterates  Modern effective Upvc  protects your home Wind Frost ice snow Storm  damage  Modern plastics  are waterproof for years  - Upgrade your Property protection WALLS AND BRICKWORK FENCING TURFING MAKE THE BEST OF YOUR PROPERTY  WE PROVIDE A COMPLETE GARDEN  AND LANDSCAPE SERVICE POWER WASH Driveways Patios and paving Get clean with us - the latest  High pressure cleaning for  Brilliant results every time Removing years of dirt grime And weather damage that can Restore colour and shine BLOCK PAVING PATIOS In many styles  colours and options to make  the best of your garden with  us perfect for sunny days  barbeques friends and more  new build, repairs, maintenance and power wash and adds  value to your home…….
Tel 0203 633 0200 Mob 07565 401 978 MODERN UPVC - Install once - Lasts for years - And protects Your Property LEGALS You are entitled to a 14 day cooling off  period for all work Subject to contract 22.1.20 Tel 0203 633 0200 Mob 07565 401 978 Mail: Chislehurst Business Centre 1 Bromley Lane Chislehurst Kent BR7 6LH